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Violet Hill "Teaser" Submitted

2008-09-17 05:42:42 by RedBoxPariah

Well I submitted my flash i was doing for school...
It think it will do okay... but you guys are pretty tough critics...
It had been a while since i'd done an animation and it was good to do it again... of course having to work towards a deadline made it a lot less enjoyable and i couldn't make all these awesome changes to it but it has got me fired up to get started on new animations... i would finish my old ones but they all got wiped from my computer :( oh well... it will be good to start a new project... so make sure to keep an eye out because the next thing i make will be 20 times better!



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2008-09-17 07:36:41

I liked Violet Hill...I just watched it then! pretty damn good! Keep up the good work!

dont worry about that KallistiClock guy.....he's been posting that on everyone's news entries...its really dont be discouraged!

RedBoxPariah responds:

Thanks glad you enjoyed it!


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