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Well I submitted my flash i was doing for school...
It think it will do okay... but you guys are pretty tough critics...
It had been a while since i'd done an animation and it was good to do it again... of course having to work towards a deadline made it a lot less enjoyable and i couldn't make all these awesome changes to it but it has got me fired up to get started on new animations... i would finish my old ones but they all got wiped from my computer :( oh well... it will be good to start a new project... so make sure to keep an eye out because the next thing i make will be 20 times better!


Just submitted a PREVIEW of my GOOD flash ATM... basically its just everything i have done so far... not sure how well its doing but i do have a bit of faith in it.
I just really need motivation to get back into working on it... because i really do want to finish it! Oh also working on a few other things... simply because of my lack of an attention span!
Currently working on:
Starlight pt 2
Swords & Skulls
Fuzzy Ep 2 (ten million times better than the first)((may be exaggerating slightly with the whole ten million thing))

Any thing you want to say to me, questions about my current projects or suggestions for future Fuzzy eps feel free to PM me!

Here is a screenie from fuzzy ep 2!

Short attention span = bad for making decent flash

Fuzzy got through!
The score i received is what i expected... average
I seriously didn't put effort into it! I appreciate all the reviews though!
I am taking them all into account and the next fuzzy will definitely be better...
To those that didn't appreciate the lip syncing, I did it on purpose as i couldn't be bothered...
This submission was really to see how the inhabitants of newgrounds percieve submissions.
Now that i have "tested the waters" now i will start bringing my A game! Hopefully it will be better...


Fingers Crossed

2007-12-21 09:15:08 by RedBoxPariah

Well I just submitted Fuzzy....
It is now in judgement...
I really hope it gets through....
I will now go to bed and hope that tomorrow will be a good day...
Fingers Crossed,


While your waiting...

2007-12-19 01:52:46 by RedBoxPariah

In my last post... that nobody read...
I mentioned a submission i was working on...
I've now realized that this submission is going to take a while to complete and i really want to submit something... ANYTHING so i can get a bit of a start on newgrounds...
SO... i am starting on a new submission that won't take as long to make that i can submit whilst still working on ATM...
So what will this NEW submission be about? All i can say is... FUZZY


Well, I've just finished decorating my site...
Now "when am I going to submit something?" i hear nobody ask?
Well I'm currently in the middle of my first submission called, "ATM"
It should be finished in a couple of weeks and hopefully people will enjoy it!
The main character is the guy in my user pic, his name is Blu.
Now i know all of you out there are tingling with minor anticipation!
Phil AKA Pariah

Am i going to submit anything?